Wolf Security Resources works towards restoring and maintaining peace through means of supporting actions whose main objective is to bring humanitarian aid, hope, dignity, and human rights to people in conflict areas.

Thus, we have a specialized team for logistics and operational support of missions of peacekeeping; evacuation of non-combatants; security of strategic facilities and critical infrastructures; protection of land-based trains and containers (including humanitarian aid) and close protection.

Private Military Contracters - (PMC)

Professionals prepared for protection operations in hostile environments such as: security of strategic facilities and critical infrastructures, peacekeeping operations, evacuation operations for noncombatants and urban fighting.

Private Military Contracter
Bodyguard Closed Protection

Bodyguard or Close Protection

Professionals to carry out security and personal protection (authorities, diplomats, public figures, businessmen, members of international and humanitarian organizations, executives and employees of multinationals, etc.). The trained professionals in “Close Protection” also realizes the security and protection to entities of impact and global relevance like European Parliament; United Nations Organization; Red Cross, etc.

Maritime Security Operative - (MSO)

Professionals able to work in maritime and fluvial anti-piracy operations, as well as escorting containers and supplies in international waters, respecting the legislation of each National State.

Maritime Security Operative

Operational Logistics

Consulting and advisory services for strategic and operational planning of the mission of our clients, from logistical support to mission analysis to the demobilization of the operational tactical personnel who worked on the mission.