About Wolf

The 21st century has been marked by the escalation of globalization, increased wealth and piracy. The spread of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction of all sorts and levels has spurred simultaneous and differentiated threats and attacks across the globe.

The modification of such conflicts has also led to the evolution of the response and reestablishment of the law, order and protection of human rights in the regions involved, giving civil society a duty to assume greater responsibility for its security.

At Wolf Security Resources we believe that we can contribute to the maintenance of peace and increase human rights and quality of life in conflict zones.

Our Values

Wolves rarely attack people and stand out, not only for their size and strength, but also for above-average social intelligence. Therefore, wolves are one of the most studied animals in the world and science considers them with an immense sense of responsibility, organization, teamwork and hierarchy in the pack.

The characteristics of the wolves are the main values ​​of our team. If these values ​​are also important to your operation, contact us and see how Wolf Security Resources can work for you.

Conduct Line

Wolf Security Resources works to restore and maintain peace through action, where the main objective is to bring humanitarian aid, hope, dignity and human rights to people in conflict areas.

Thus, we have a specialized team of logistics and Operational Support for Peacekeeping Missions, Evacuation of non-combatants, Security of Strategic Facilities and Critical Infrastructures; Protection of trains and land / sea containers (including humanitarian aid) and close protection.


Wolf Security Resources has in its tactical-operative body personnel exclusively of Portuguese nationality, whose basic requirement is to be ex-military of the Portuguese Special Forces (this is recognized by the UN as one of the best and best trained Special Forces in the world, with experience in international military operations) who have served in the Marines; Special Operations (rangers); Parachutists and Commands, and some operators still stand out for being decorated for their international performance.

However, the differentiation in choosing Wolf Security Resources does not end here. Our operators have high technical competence, constantly improved and recycled with costs borne by the company itself (*): Operators systematically go through psychological evaluations (*) and operational training (*), which keeps them updated with the latest lines of defense and capable of carrying out any peacekeeping operation with a focus on humanitarian issues.

It is also worth noting that all professionals hired by Wolf Security Resources are interviewed and investigated by the company before hiring them, and their ethical, moral and professional conduct is constantly monitored and evaluated. They operate within a rigid structure of hierarchy and discipline, in faithful compliance with Portuguese international and national laws, as well as the countries where the missions are carried out.

(*) Type, conditions and periodicity determined unilaterally by Wolf Security Resources


Maritime Union Certificate Membership
Maritime Union Certificate Membership